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Heifers are weighed on one scale and steers on the other with a combined rate of 400 plus head weighed per hour.  By producers pre-booking calves and arranging staggered delivery times, VLE has reduced to a minimum the amount of time from delivery to weighing.  The first cattle booked have priority on delivery times.  Producers can also help speed up the weighing by having their calves sexed for steers and heifers and by keeping different owners separate on the truck.  In accordance with CCIA federal regulations, all animals must be CCIA tagged prior to arrival at the market.

All calves must be delivered by 4 pm on weigh day.  After weighing all calves are put into feed and water pens with bedding.

On sale day uniform packages of calves are offered to local order buyers, farmers, and ranchers, as well as exposing your cattle to potential buyers from across Canada via Internet.

After 15 years of sorting & conducting live broadcast pre-sort sales, the Vermilion Livestock Exchange crew has been praised on their speed and efficiency of weighing and sorting cattle.  Buyers have also given many positive comments on the consistency and appearance of the sorted groups on sale day.

Delivery options for pre-sort sales are

a) deliver calves before 6 pm the day prior to weighing.  These calves stand overnight in dry pens and are weighed promptly the next morning with no shrink.

b) deliver calves the day of weighing (before 4 pm).  These calves are weighed off the truck in a timely fashion with a pencil shrink  based on a pro-rated mileage basis.

c) Producers have the option of having their cattle sorted into the presort or the more uniform groups can be weighed into individual owner lots.

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