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Market Feature

Market Report Week of02/28/2024

Number of Cattle Sold500

Presort Price ListMARKET-REPORT-FEB-28.pdf

D1 & D2 Cows

145 TO 152

D3 & D4 Cows

132 TO 145

Bologna Bulls (<2000 lbs)

140 TO 155

Bologna Bulls (>2000 lbs)

150 TO 168


Today we had a smaller run of feeder cattle but the market climbed a little higher again. The most gains on the steer side was in the 700-975lb range, they were in the $4-6 higher, with some as much as $10 higher. Likely, the shortage of steers has helped pushed some buyers to the heifer market.

The cow market was a little higher again, $3-5 higher on the top end, market ready cows.

Next week we are expecting 1000+ feeder cattle. Call the office or your favourite fieldman if you are interested in selling!

-Jesse Lawes