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Market Feature

Market Report Week of07/10/2024

Number of Cattle Sold184

D1 & D2 Cows

176 TO 182

D3 & D4 Cows

155 TO 175

Feeder Cows

180 TO 200

Bologna Bulls (<2000 lbs)

210 TO 260

Bologna Bulls (>2000 lbs)

210 TO 228


We had a light run of feeder cattle that continue to sell steady. The cow market was down $2-4 when compared to two weeks ago as we did not have a sale last week, but steady when compared to last week's market.

The bull market continues to trade fully steady. Some fall forward feeder cattle are starting to trade at very appealing prices.

Thank you and have a great rest of your week!
- Kody Lakevold